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Global Pet Expo 2019

As we are just finishing up with the final day here at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, FL, we wanted to recap a few of the exciting things that took place. If you are reading this and are currently attending the event, come stop by our booth, #4451!

With over 3,500 exhibitors at the Global Pet Expo, we have seen innovations in nearly every realm of the pet industry including advancements in raw, nutritious pet foods, potty pads that absorb without leakage or scent, and almost anything in between. We have also had the opportunity to attend multiple seminars regarding industry trends and how companies are pushing the envelope to change the way we interact with our pets, in hopes of creating a more enjoyable experience.

Beke Lubeach, General Manager at DOGTV, explained the importance of Social Responsibility and giving back to our communities. As the millennials are beginning to take over as the largest spenders, they are also surging to the forefront as a generation that cares deeply about social responsibility. One great example of charitable giving is Tito’s Vodka. They may not be a pet company per se, but their “Vodka for Dog People” program is geared towards product sales that generate significant donations to enhance the lives of pets.

Another speaker that stood out to us is Phil Chang. In his “Like. Follow. Share” seminar, he did a fantastic job of explaining the new trends of everyday social media outlets as well as the up and coming applications such as WeChat and QQ. Due to convenience and online searches, E-Commerce and online retail have a 13% share of retail as a whole and it is only going to keep increasing.

A must-see speaker that we had the pleasure of listening to this morning is Connor Lokar from ITR Economics. He provided the audience with insights into pet industry trends along with big picture economic standings of other industries and the country as a whole. He also discussed ways to understand shifts in consumer needs with a forecasted analysis as to what might happen in the years to come. (Hint: Buckle up, buttercup!)

We have had an absolute blast here in Orlando and have had the opportunity to meet some great people as well as see some unique products coming into the ever-growing pet market. We look forward to being back in Orlando for next year’s event and the years to come!


The Lilly Brush Team

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