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Happy National Dog Training Education Month

Happy Dog Training Education Month! The month of February is designated to a national (U.S.) holiday which encourages dog owners to properly train their furry friends. The beginning stages of training your dog can be daunting– which is why we’ve put together a basic beginner’s guide to dog training for you! 

Of course, while it’s always best to begin training your dog at the youngest age possible, it’s never too late to change behavioral habits. Once your dog is past puppy stages, training becomes far more difficult, but not impossible. If you can start young, do so, but know that if you can’t, all is not lost. 

Why dog training education?

We’ve all known that one dog at some point– the one who runs around the house with reckless abandon, who chews through furniture, who simply cannot contain himself at the dog park. For your own sake, your dog’s, and for the good of all nearby, training your dog is of the utmost importance. 

Training your dog will make you a more confident pet owner and will allow you to do more activities with your pup (while having a good time, rather than stressing and attempting to keep your dog from wreaking havoc). Training stimulates dogs’ minds and teaches them to trust you, so not only are you ensuring the well-being of others around you, but you’re also promoting the well-being of your dog. 


Sign up for a dog training class: See “Resources” below! Find out what works best for you and your dog; you can always find a dog training program near you, or check out the online classes that the internet has to offer. 

Teach your dog a new trick or skill: If you’ve already trained your dog, try teaching him or her a new skill! It’s not true what they say– you CAN teach an old dog new tricks


Find a dog training program near you: For starters, all it takes is a quick Google search for “dog training programs near me.” If you ask around, you’re sure to find recommendations from friends, coworkers, or neighbors! If you have doubts, ask someone you trust for their recommendations. 

Online training programs: If you prefer to go the virtual route, there are plenty of online dog training programs. Some of the most pup-ular (pun fully intended) are: