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Helping Shelters in This Time of Need

Adopting a pet is always an admirable thing to do. There are thousands of good cats and dogs in shelters seeking a new home every day, and now more than ever they need our help. With the coronavirus having such an impact on daily operations in many cities across the country, these shelter animals are at risk of being euthanized. Shelters in New York, Tennessee, Virginia, and Texas have already begun pleading with locals to consider becoming temporary foster homes; and this is just the beginning. We’ve shared a few ways that you can help!

Fostering Animals

Emergency foster homes are the biggest thing shelters need right now. With so many shelters on the verge of being shut down, the number of animals without homes drastically outweighs the resources available to take care of them.  What we can do is sign up with a local shelter and register as an emergency foster home for shelter animals. Every animal that can find a temporary foster home is a life saved if these shelters are eventually forced to shut down entirely.

Donate money

Any amount helps! It doesn’t matter if you can spare $5 or $500, every dollar donated to these shelters goes towards food and supplies to care for these animals in need. Animal shelters are non-profits as it is, and are always relying on donations to help them operate as efficiently as they can. In these trying times, they need the help more than ever. Much of their money comes from fundraising efforts, which are all of course shut down for the time being.

Donate Supplies

If you have extra pet supplies laying around, consider donating them to local shelters! Anything from food, beds, leashes, bowls, or even toys! Whatever you can spare to help care for these animals will go a very long way. Oftentimes an old dog bed or toy can hold sentimental value and are hard to part with. In times like this just try to imagine the joy it could bring to a lonely animal. We encourage you to part with whatever you can to make life better for those in need.

Spread Awareness

Lastly, help spread awareness. Follow your local shelters on Instagram and Facebook, and share their posts with your community! Spreading awareness is a huge part of helping these shelters, the more people willing to help the better!

This is a trying time for everyone, and we know that not everyone has the means to donate to shelters. Simply doing your best to spread awareness can go a very long way, and we encourage everyone to help to the best of their abilities. Together we WILL get through this!


The Lilly Brush Team