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How to Keep your Home Clean with Indoor Pets

Keeping your home clean with indoor pets can be quite a challenge– especially in the middle of a pandemic, when your pets are likely to be in the house more often than usual. Fortunately, keeping your home clean is easier than you’d imagine! Here are 6 tips for keeping your house clean with indoor pets. 

Deshedding Your Dog 

As a preventative measure, and to maintain your pet’s healthy fur coat, deshedding is the way to go! Deshedding tackles your pet’s excess fur before it gets all over your carpets, furniture, and flying through the air. Brushing your dog’s undercoat is a great way to get a head start on the shedding as well. One of the most popular brushes on the market is the Furminator, a powerful deshedding tool for all your furry pet needs. 

Create a Dog Cleaning Station

Place a mat by whichever door your dog enters the house most often (or all doors, personal preference). The mat will catch any dirt or debris falling off your dog as he/she walks in– and you can easily train your dog to sit on the mat once they enter the house so you can finish cleaning them off before they enter the house further. At your dog cleaning station, keep an extra old towel or rag (for wiping down paws and/or fur) and anything else you might need. This station is especially helpful in the winter months, when your dog drags clumped snow into the house, or in the spring, when paws become particularly muddy. 

Have a Designated Pet Throw Blanket

Like the dog cleaning station mat, a designated throw blanket or towel will collect excess fur, dirt, and debris that falls off your pet. Place the blanket or towel in an area where your pet loves to hang out the most often. The blanket simplifies your cleaning process– once sufficiently dirty, all you have to do is remove the blanket from whichever area you’ve placed it (couch, armchair, carpet, etc.) and throw it in the wash. Rinse and repeat. The blanket will protect your furniture and prevent fur from being embedded into the material. 

Deodorize Air and Furniture

The best product to use to deodorize wood floors or surfaces is vinegar. It’s natural, inexpensive, and the best part is that it doesn’t smell like vinegar once it’s dried! You can also cleanse the air by opening windows and doors for at least 10 minutes or so. Another option is to purchase an air purifier or an air purifying spray. 

Invest in a Lilly Brush

If you decide to not go the “pet throw blanket” route, or if your pet simply does not heed your instructions (and decides instead to sit anywhere they like), a Lilly Brush is sure to be your best friend! For upholstery, furniture, and even clothes, the Be Forever Furless brush is the best suited for the job. For large spaces like carpet or rugs, try the Mighty Pet Hair Detailer! To check out more brush options, visit

Regularly Clean Pet Bedding and Food Areas

Consistently cleaning pet bedding and food areas ensures a regularly clean space. We know these areas are the messiest, as food flies out of bowls, and bedding collects tons of excess hair, so keeping these spaces clean is of the utmost importance. Your home will feel cleaner just by attending to these areas regularly.