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How to Keep Your Pet Entertained While You’re Away from Home

As the country makes great strides to reopen most states, many companies are ending their work-from-home policies and sending people back to the office. As a result, many pets are being left at home– including some pets who have never had to spend hours at home alone before! 

In 2020, the percentage of pet ownership in the U.S. increased by 4%— accounting for 68 million households with pets (and that number is still rising). Alongside this, the pet industry is booming. There is higher demand and greater supply of pet products, including products that will keep your pet entertained while they’re home alone. 

With the work-from-home culture beginning to shift back to in-office, some pet owners don’t know what to do when they leave their precious pets at home. Thankfully, there are tons of things you can do to combat pet boredom and loneliness! Here are 6 things you can do to keep your pet entertained while you’re away from home: 

Mind puzzles and brain games

These are a great way to keep your pet entertained while also stimulating their minds! They’re interactive, fun, and brain-building. A few of the best options are: 

Hire a dog walker/sitter 

Your cats will probably be fine without a little drop-in in the middle of the day, but dogs require more attention and exercise. Dogs need to be let outside for bathroom breaks and to run around and get the zoomies out. If you’re leaving your dog at home for multiple hours in the middle of the day, having a dog sitter or dog walker come over could make a world of difference! 

Sign pet up for daycare 

If you’d rather not hire someone to visit your house to check in on your pets, instead, you could sign your dog or cat up for daycare! Daycare options allow your pet to hang out with other pets, getting lots of social interaction and care. There are lots of amazing pet daycare locations, and most of them are very affordable! Do your research to find a local pet daycare in your neighborhood. You can sign your pet up for daycare from anywhere between 1-5 days a week so that they stay entertained and cared for while you work! 

Find a way your pet can look through a window 

Watching through windows can be quite entertaining for your pet– they’re able to observe the outside world without needing the company of their caretaker to watch over them. Cats especially love looking out windows at all the little backyard critters, and dogs love the stimulus of seeing people walk by. 

Leave toys around the house 

Leaving toys around the house is great for keeping your pets entertained! Here are a few ideas for toys to keep around the house:

Get your pet a sibling to play with 

Sometimes, the best form of entertainment for your pet is another pet! Having two dogs or cats together provides hours of endless play time. Even when implementing some of these other ideas, your pet could still get lonely, but with the friendship of another furry companion, they’ll be much happier and healthier.