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Keeping Your Dog (And Yourself) Sane During Quarantine

All across the world people are being asked to quarantine themselves for the safety of our entire population. Staying home all day, every day can be a much tougher challenge than it sounds like. Especially when we’re entertaining our pets along the way. Most dogs are probably loving life right now, as their owners are forced to stay home all day instead of going to work. The trickiest part of this whole situation is keeping everyone in the house sane and entertained. If your pup is anything like mine, they see that you’re home and they want to PLAY ALL DAY! Below is a quick guide to help keep everyone happily distracted while we’re all at home for the next few weeks.

Positive association with the work day

When it’s time for you to sit down and get some work done, give your dog something to work on too! Bring out one of their favorite toys to start the day. By doing this they will feel excited as you begin to get your work done, rather than feeling ignored. If your dog has a handful of favorite toys, keep them stored away and rotate which one you give them. Keeping things fresh and different will continue to keep them occupied.

Eyes & Ears

Keeping your dog stimulated throughout the day can be easier than you think! By simply putting on some calming music or turning on the TV, you can keep your dog’s brain occupied. They may not know the lyrics to the song, but they sure can hear it! Non-threatening noises are a great way to stimulate your dog. Likewise, opening the curtains and providing a view for your dog is another great way to keep them occupied.

Puzzles, Treats, & Chews!

Whether you stuff a Kong with peanut butter, or have another interactive dog toy, creating a challenge for your dog that leads to treats is a perfect way to keep them occupied! So many dogs are food driven that you can keep them busy for hours by creating fun and difficult ways for them to get treats. Not all dogs are obsessed with food, but they sure still love to chew. Giving your dog healthy chews like a Nature Gnaw Bully Stick, or Greenies Dental Treats is a great way to keep them healthy and busy all in one!

As Always, Exercise

Not everyone is under the same quarantine laws right now, making it very important to read up on the restrictions across your city and state. Here in Colorado, outdoor exercise is allowed as long as extreme social distancing is being practiced. Taking your dog for a few long walks throughout the day is the perfect way to give everyone in the house a break. Sunshine, exercise, and fresh air are all crucial ingredients for staying sane during this weird and scary time. We hope these tricks and tips are helpful! Stay safe everyone!


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