Knitting Legend: "Lilly Brush lives up to marketing hype" - Lilly Brush
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Knitting Legend: "Lilly Brush lives up to marketing hype"

World-renowned knitting author, Clara Parkes of a Knitter’s Review had pilling problems. As we can all relate,  pilling and puff balls develop within hours of wearing a newly bought or handknit natural fiber knit- making that brand new sweater look not-so-new anymore! Clara had heard Lilly Brush hyped as “the best natural fabric pill remover you’ll ever use.” Having tried sweater shavers and “de-fuzzers,” she was skeptical that Lilly Brush could live up to the marketing hype. There was only one way to find out…She purchased a Lilly Brush to put that claim to the test!

In her review, Clara beautifully describes how Lilly Brush delicately remove pills from 100% natural fibers.  Much to our delight here at Lilly Brush, she also goes in depth about the composition of synthetic knits and why Lilly Brush will not work on those synthetic knits.

After a failed attempt to rescue a 20% nylon blend, Clara put Lilly Brush to test on one of her favorite 100% cashmere sweaters. Here is a glimpse of what she had to say:

“After about eight brushings, I started to see the pills disappear. The more I brushed, the more tidy the fabric became….How refreshing to discover a product that actually lives up to the marketing hype. If pills are a problem for you, and you tend to wear 100% natural fabrics, $12.95 is a small price to pay for a pill-free future.”

Don’t just take our word for it, read Clara’s full review here!