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New Detailing Tool For an Old Problem

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Ughhh, there’s nothing worse than a hairy car! In fact, vacuum-resistant embedded pet hair is the #1 headache auto detailers and pet owners alike face when cleaning their cars!

Until now, pumice stones and rubber brushes have been the two most popular tools for dealing with pet hair removal. So, what’s the issue?

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Our detailers tell us that the rubber brushes miss much of the most deeply embedded hair and take too much time to use. And, as any professional detailer knows, time is money, and customers tend to balk at pet hair surcharges tacked on even though removing it means an extra hour (or more!) of the detailer’s time.

Detailers report that although a pumice stone does a fairly good job of removing embedded pet hair, it is by no means the perfect tool for the job as it can easily rip up carpeting and damage surrounding plastic, chrome and leather surfaces within the car.

Old habits die hard, but we hope you will take a moment to check out our newest tool in the war against pet hair, the Lilly Brush Mini Pet Hair Detailer. ($10 Amazon) We think you’re going to love it!

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