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New Product Announcement! The Lilly Brush Pro Detailing Kit

You asked, we listened.

The Lilly Brush Team has exciting news!

Now introducing our newest product: the Lilly Brush Pro Detailing Kit!

The Lilly Brush Pro Pet Hair Tool Kit

The Product

We took the same unique soft blade from our Mini Pet Hair Detailer and created a versatile kit for any situation. Our new and improved crevice tool allows you to clean any hard-to-reach areas with ease, while the large curved detailer covers twice as much area as our popular Mini Pet Hair Detailer!

You might have heard of our Mini Pet Hair Detailer before. If you have, you know about its efficient, unique design, and power for cleaning car interiors. 

The Pro Kit Detailer in Action

Who Would Love Our Product

  • Car detailers 
  • Car owners 
  • Families 
  • Pet owners 
  • Automotive sales 

Our new product is designed for anyone who details cars or owns pets that travel with them on a regular (or even infrequent) basis. If you’re someone like this, watch out– the Pro Detailing Kit might just change your life.

Built for both consumers and auto detailers, this kit is a great tool to keep on hand for all your detailing needs.


Do you want to have the perfect stocking stuffer for friends and family who tend to collect an uncanny amount of pet hair in cars and on couches? Take care of your Christmas gifts early and place a pre-sale order today to ensure you get a Pro Tool Kit kit in time for gift giving season!

Only our first small shipment is available on Shopify, so order soon. The next shipment will be available on amazon mid-December, but we cannot guarantee delivery before the holidays.

Be a smart Santa and order yours now!