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No Mess. No Waste. No Refills.

As landfills grow into mountains, and single use plastics swirl in our oceans and waterways many of us feel how urgently we must strive to be eco-conscious. At Lilly Brush, we understand how important it is to make choices about everyday consumables with an eye towards how these items will impact our planet, so we have designed our pet hair solutions with that foremost in mind. According to CBS News, consumers spend upwards of $100 MILLION on lint rollers every year. Not only are people wasting their money buying replacement rolls every few weeks, but they are exhausting our planet’s precious resources. This creates thousands of pounds of waste along the way. Not to mention, pet hair is actually compostable, but not when it’s attached to a sticky strip! Those strips become more waste.

Our dedication to sustainability has not made us attractive to retailers whose desire it is to sell products that must be repurchased or refilled often, but frankly, we aren’t too concerned about that. Rather, you can find us in companies such as Duluth Trading Co. who seek to provide the products that will best benefit the consumer. They also have an outstanding reputation for being environmentally friendly. Lilly Brush products are designed and built to last for years of daily use. We are constantly turned away from the big box pet and houseware stores because our model will not provide them with recurring customers. We’re okay with that. At the end of the day, providing a high quality product that supports an important cause is our game.

For homes with fluffy, long haired pets who shed all year long, our washable and reusable Be Forever Furless brushes can clean a whole room in less time than it takes to peel and use one sheet of sticky roller paper! Yes, that fast, and there’s no paper waste to throw away! Just pluck the collected fur from the brush surface and throw it away, or our bird loving enthusiasts tell us that putting collected fur outside in bushes near nest sites makes for cozier baby birds in early spring!

To see just how wasteful a lint roller was, we decided to do our own little test against our reusable Be Forever Furless Brush. Both products were used on a 5 ft. couch full of fluffy pet hair.

Lint Roller:

  • 4 Sticky Strips Used
  • 3 Minutes to Clean

Be Forever Furless Brush:

  • Zero Sticky Strips Needed
  • 16 Seconds to Clean

Lilly Brush products last a lifetime, leaving our customers satisfied for years to come. If you have any questions about which Lilly Brush product is right for you, we are here to help! Just contact us here at


The Lilly Brush Team