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Shedding Season Is Back

Fall is here, and the trees aren’t the only ones shedding their outer layer. Twice every year, you may notice your couches and cars starting to look like a snow globe. While most dogs are shedding all year round, spring and fall bring a special change of the seasons that have our dogs leaving what seems to be endless amounts of hair everywhere they go. In the spring dogs shed their thick winter coats and replace them with a lighter summer layer. Now that fall is here, they are set to reverse this process by shedding their light coat to replace yet again with a new thick layer of fur for the winter. 

Double vs Single Coat

Some dogs have what is called a double-coat. A soft interior layer for warmth accompanied with a long exterior layer for protection. These dogs are going to be very noticeably shedding as winter approaches, leaving evidence with every step they take. Our very own Lilly is a perfect example of a double-coated dog, and her shedding is the reason our Be Forever Furless Brush was invented in the first place. Single-coat dogs like labs, terriers, poodles etc, won’t be as noticeable as their double-coat counterparts, but you can still expect to do some extra cleaning this time of year.


If you or your house guests have dog allergies, this time of year becomes exceptionally hard to handle. To help lessen allergies year round, but especially during this time of the year, be sure to keep your pet well groomed. Bathe your pet weekly, and brush them as often as you can, daily if possible. By adding multivitamins or fatty acid supplements to their diet you can improve the health of your pet’s skin. This reduces the frequency and potency  of dander, and in turn will combat allergic reactions. 

Shedding season is upon us and Lilly Brush is here to help! Hopefully we were able to give you the insights on why your dog has been shedding uncontrollably as the weather turns.


The Lilly Brush Team