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The All-New Mighty Pet Hair Detailer

You asked, we listened. The MIGHTY Pet Hair Detailer is finally here! We took the same magical soft blade from our Mini Pet Hair Detailer, and made it bigger. WAY bigger! You’ve seen what the Mini Pet Hair Detailer can do, just wait until you see this. With dueling 11.5-inch rubber blades, the Mighty Pet Hair Detailer cleans carpets unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. All you need to do is treat it like a broom! Just a few light strokes with this detailer, and all the embedded fur that has been in your carpet for years forms into a nice neat pile to pick up. It really is that easy!`

INCREDIBLY EFFECTIVE CARPET CLEANING TOOL – Carpets, cars, couches, stairs, you name it! These 11.5” dueling rubber blades work in tandem to pull ALL embedded pet hair out of carpets and upholstery.

-SLEEK DESIGN – With its angled soft blades and slim profile, the Detailer is designed to reach under furniture and into baseboard and stair crevices for a wall-to-wall clean you haven’t seen in years!

-DURABLE & EASY TO CLEAN – The unique and durable design of the Mighty Pet Hair Detailer makes for a one time purchase! No more refills, and no more worn down products! Occasionally clean blades with light soap and water to maintain maximum cleaning power.

-STURDY HANDLE – The top-of-the-line sturdy steel broom handle won’t break or bend, while its above average 52’ length allows for a more comfortable upright posture while sweeping.


-CLEANS ALL CARPET PROFILES – Use on shag, berber, loop & cut-pile carpets with excellent results on all. 

We are SO excited about our Mighty Pet Hair Detailer! Keeping your house clean has never been so easy! We hope you love it!


The Lilly Brush Team