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The Best Sweaters to Add to Your Spring 2021 Wardrobe

Spring doesn’t mean it’s time to store your sweaters away quite yet! If you’re one of the fashionistas who sheds tears each time you store away your sweaters, then this post is for you. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the season’s hottest (or coolest?) spring-specific sweaters. This spring, sweater vests, sweater tanks, and sweater tees have skyrocketed in popularity– giving you the opportunity to wear sweaters nearly year-round! Some of these pieces even suffice for summer weather, which is the perfect opportunity for those of you who are severely sweater-attached! 

Long-Sleeved Sweaters 

Spring weather varies across the country– and across the world– bringing everything from sun, to rain, and sometimes even snow! These long-sleeved sweaters are perfect for the chillier spring days, when all you want to do is curl up next to the windowpane and stare out dreamily into the softly falling rain, or for when the skies are grey and all you can do is frolic through the cherry blossoms blooming in the midst of the chill. 

Sweater Vests 

Sweater vests are the perfect transition piece for entering spring and leaving winter behind. Without the full heft of a long-sleeve sweater, the vest is plenty enough to keep you warm, while adding your own personal flare! Traditionally, sweater vests are worn over a button-up blouse. Recently, however, wearing the vests on their own has been trending upward! The beauty of the sweater vest is its sophistication and versatility, so don’t be afraid to try something new! 

Sweater Tanks 

One step further than the sweater vest is the sweater tank top. Equipped with summer-style ease paired with the comfort of sweater material, these tops are the newest and trendiest pieces on the market. They’re great for beach outings and lounging in the soft spring sunshine. 

Cashmere Camisole | Banana Republic 

Shimmer Linen-Blend Sweater Tank | Banana Republic

Linen-Blend Sweater Tank | Banana Republic 

Short-Sleeved and Sweater Tees 

If none of the above options feel quite right for your spring sweater needs, look into short-sleeved sweaters and sweater tees! Along with sweater tank tops, these are another new trend for 2021. The sweaters below are made with comfortable and soft materials, and whether cotton or cashmere, will provide the perfect balance for unpredictable spring weather. 

Organic Cotton Sweater Top | Banana Republic 

Cashmere Short-Sleeve Sweater | Banana Republic 

Women’s Crewneck Pullover Sweater – Universal Thread™ 

Remember: with any sweater you wear, taking proper care of it is of the utmost importance! Use Lilly Brush’s Save Our Sweaters Brush to keep your sweaters free of pills and fuzz! For more sweater care tips, read our blog posts It’s All in the Sweater Care and Save Your Sweaters! 

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