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The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Pet Lovers

If you’re one of those exuberant souls who just so happens to love their pet more than other people– we don’t blame you. We’re kind of in the same boat. 

If you find yourself, however, as a loved one of one of these types of people, and have no idea what to do about the upcoming holiday– never fear! We’ve got you covered for all your gift-giving needs for this Valentine’s Day weekend. 

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If your loved one loves cats the meow-st, the only logical solution is to shower him or her with adoring cat-themed gifts. The paw-sibilites are endless! Here are a few gift ideas we’ve compiled: 

Smallswear: A cat-aclysmic collision of all things cat-inspired– from apparel to candles to grow-your-own-catnip kits, this site has you covered! 

Tea/Coffee Mug: Mugs are a creative, practical, and personal way to show someone you care! Check out this cat love set, or this personalized cat photo mug

Face Mask: For the practical pet lover in your life, there’s nothing better than a fun face mask! One of our favorites in particular is this stylish grumpy cat mask, for all the meme addicts out there. 

Cat Slippers: These cat slippers are the perfect gift for a cozy night in! 

Loungewear: Loungewear has been all the rage this season, and last season, and the season before… and probably the next three upcoming seasons. Take fashion into your own hands and invest in a set of loungewear for you or your loved one! 

Puzzle: For all the days spent at home, and the quiet moments ruminating on the meaning of life while lounging next to your cat, puzzles are a great way to both relax and stimulate your mind. 


Don’t worry, dog lovers– we haven’t left you out. There are plenty of dog-themed gifts to give your loved one this Valentine’s Day! 

Customized Sweatshirts: Empower your loved one to simultaneously embrace comfort and style with dog-inspired apparel! If you’re not into customized sweatshirts, check out other designs such as this or this. For dog dads, try a more macho sweatshirt, or this film-inspired hoodie

Coffee Mug: While the cat owners sip their tea (yes, we are stereotyping), dog owners need something to guzzle their coffee from! Whether you’re looking for an adorable style mug, or a customizable mug (you can also make your own through photo sites like Shutterfly or Snapfish), dog lovers will surely love the gift. 

Matching Pajamas: What’s better than being cozy AND matching with your dog, all at the same time? Well, nothing. Therefore, you should get the matching pajama set. You won’t be disappointed. 

Even More Customizable Gear: Let’s be honest: the best gift you can give your honey is a big fluffy blanket with a giant print of their dog’s face on it. The custom-made comfort items never get old. If you’re not as big on the giant blanket idea, try a pair of socks, or perhaps a pillow! The possibilities are truly endless. 

*And as always, of course, we highly recommend any Lilly Brush product! For dog and cat lovers alike. (Shameless self-promotion, you see. We’re not shy.)