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Which pet hair remover is best for your pet?

The best pet hair removers can be difficult to find. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our best products, just for you. Scroll through to find the best brush for your specific pet needs!

For the Overly Fluffy and Fearless

For all your Bernese Mountain Dog and Ragdoll cat types, this is the brush for you. It’s perfect for your pets that traipse around the house completely unaware of the furry mess they leave behind. This brush works on clothing, upholstery, bedding, auto, pet beds, and rugs! It’ll take care of muddy pawprints, rogue shedding, and leave your home feeling fresh and clean.

For the Fashion Forward and Always Stylish

This brush is for all you fashion-forward pet owners. For the avid sweater-lover, the knitter, or designer. For those of you who have been staying at home and spending way too much time with your pet (if that’s even possible). Regardless of how much damage you or your pet inflicts on your sweaters, the Save Our Sweaters Brush will easily remove pills, lint, and pet hair from your precious garments.

For Our On-the-Go Friends

Looking for a brush that’s designed perfectly for easy transport? Here it is! This brush fits in purses, bags, and glove compartments so that you have your handy dandy pet hair remover with you at all times. You can use this brush for clothing, upholstery, bedding, auto, pet beds, and even rugs! It’s most convenient for when you need a small handheld fur remover for immediate needs. This mini brush works more efficiently than lint rollers, and is much more stylish to carry with you.

For the Avid Adventurers

Do you have an adventure dog who seeks adventure not only outside of the car, but inside as well? If so, this is the tool for you! This brush will take care of the after-adventure remnants (including lots of shedding) that your pet excitedly gifts you with. For excessive shedding in every nook and cranny of your car, and for keeping your adventure space clean and ready to go for your next journey, this tool will have you and your pet eager for the next car ride. It works best with short, wiry-haired pets, and is compact and portable. Not only does it work for your auto needs, but also is designed to tackle deeply engrained bits of fur trapped in your carpets.

For the EXTRA Avid Adventurers

This brush/tool is for the extra-adventurous pets: the ones who are part of the family, and the ones who travel everywhere with you. We know how hard it is to keep your car clean after your favorite furry friend travels with you, from tracking in mud, grass, leaves, and everything in between. Not to mention the shedding. This tool will take care of all of your auto pet hair needs. It works with pet hair of any kind. Although it’s similar to the Mini Pet Hair Detailer, it’s specifically designed with two attachments for easy reach in all areas of your car. The brush tool is double sided, with a rubber blade on one end and bristles on the other, providing maximum pet hair removal efficiency.


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