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Why is a Dog’s Bedding So Important?

Written By: Avery Bullock

Dogs, just like the rest of us, require sleeping. Lack of enough sleep and quality of sleep may lead to restlessness and even subject your pet to other health complications. Interestingly, dogs produce sleep hormones called melatonin, just like human beings. They also dream. Their sleeping routine is, however, different from ours.

Tamed dogs sleep more, and their cycles are shorter and more frequent. The quantity of sleep depends on several factors, such as the health condition of the dog, age, and size, as well as the type of beddings.

Why Do Dogs Need Beddings?

According to the American Kennel Club, canines spend about 50% of their time sleeping and lying down 30% of the time they are awake. With all the time spent in bed, it’s essential to have quality beddings for maximum comfort.

Most pet owners sleep with their dogs or assign them a spot on the couch, but it would be better to allow them to have a free reign on their own space. Dogs are valued pets and among the most important member of your family. They deserve a good sleep, thus the need to invest in high-quality beddings for the furry companions.

Choosing an Appropriate Dog Bed

The choice of a dog bed is crucial to the quality of sleep for your dog. Dog beds have evolved from the typical one-size-fits-all mattress to new cool shapes, designs, sizes and colors. The ideal choice of beddings ought to be adaptable to your dog and provide them with a comfortable resting place.

The dog bed should be warm with cushions and mattresses (unless it’s a hot night) so that the pet feels pampered. Similarly, consider the age, size and personality of your dog when shopping for their bed. Puppies need a stronger structured bed while older dogs require a more maneuverable place to sleep.

Types of Dog Beds

Now that you are well familiar with your dog, it’s time to get them a suitable bed. There are different dog beds, but these are the most popular ones.

Orthopedic Dog Beds

This type of bed has a mattress with orthopedic support, which is suitable for injured dogs or older ones. Orthopedic dog beds are also ideal for thinner animals with prominent bones to provide comfortable cushioning and protect them from pain from pressure points. The beds are usually spacious, thus a good fit for the dogs that like to sprawl out.

Donut and Bolster Dog Beds

This bed is round or oval-shaped with raised edges and a cushioned bottom. If your dog likes to sleep on a pillow or feels secure leaning on something, this is a great fit. It’s a cozy bed for smaller dogs and will better retain heat. It is also a comfy bed that will allow your dog to curl up.

There are also pillow or cushion beds which is simply as the name suggests, a large pillow. Dogs that like sprawling out will find this an exciting place to sleep. Others are heated dog beds which bring added comfort of warmth for older dogs and those with painful joints. Then there are ordinary outdoor cots and beds to provide a resting place for your pet out of the house.

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