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10 Gifts Clean Car Enthusiasts Will Love

As the holiday season swings into full gear, shopping for your loved ones becomes more and more stressful with each day that passes. But holiday shopping isn’t supposed to be stressful– it’s meant to be fun! These gifts for car lovers are sure to brighten up any auto enthusiast’s day. 

1. Dashboard Camera 

Of the more practical gifts, a dashboard camera such as this APEMAN 1080P DashCam is a great gift for frequent drivers. With a three-inch display and a 170 degree wide angle lens, this camera is powerful and efficient! 

2. Lilly Brush Pro Pet Hair Tool Kit

This auto detailing kit is any driver’s dream– it picks up hear-to-reach pet fur and deeply embedded hair in any car! The tool kit comes with two devices: a 14” crevice tool for difficult reach, and a detailer for larger spaces. 

3. Portable Power Battery Booster 

The Stanley P2G7S Lithium/Portable Power and Battery Booster is sure to please. It’s a “reliable source” of power for cell phones and tablets on-the-go, and can connect either directly through your car battery, or through your car’s accessory outlet. 

4. Heated Seat Cushion 

For the luxury lovers: this ELUTO heated seat cushion is sure to cozy up any car, providing the most comfortable of drives, especially for the winter season. It’s easy– simply strap the cushion around the seat of your car, and use the attached remote to control the heat. Not only is this gift great for comfort, but it also helps relieve neck and back pain. 

5. Lilly Brush Mini Pet Hair Detailer 

Lilly Brush based the Pro Pet Hair Tool Kit (see above) on this earlier product: the Mini Pet Hair Detailer! Auto enthusiasts around the world have raved about this tool’s effectiveness and great design. Even influencers such as The Detail Geek and Detail Groove give this product high praise. 

6. Folding LED Light 

The 390 Lumen LED Work Light is perfect for any car detailer. Its adjustable head and flexible design makes for an easy illumination of just about any area! This tool is especially useful for small, hard-to-reach areas. 

7. Speed Shine Kit 

The Speed Shine Kit is the perfect gift for any auto enthusiast who takes joy in having a shimmery-surfaced vehicle. This kit delivers quick and lasting results, leaving your car looking shiny and new! 

8. Echo Auto 

Drive safe with Echo Auto! Echo Auto makes for a hands-free experience. It’s designed specifically for on-the-road excursions. 

9. Echo USB Port Charger 

This USB port is also equipped with Amazon Echo, giving the driver options such as listening to audiobooks, giving directions, and playing music! 

10. Portable Vacuum Cleaner 

This portable vacuum is perfect for any driver who aspires to having a clean car 24/7. With this tool, you can easily keep your car “professionally” clean!