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5 Ways to Spoil Your Cat

Let’s face it: cats are fabulous, and don’t get the credit they deserve!

In honor of our feline friends, here are 5 ways to spoil your cat. 

Buy or make new cat toys

What do cats love more than new toys? A lot of things, probably, but new toys are no doubt a crowd-pleaser. The simplest toys are often the best– you can even make your own for no cost at all! 

Scratching posts are great for your cat’s playtime and health, so if you choose to not go the toy route, this is a great alternative. Check out this video to see the benefits of scratching posts: 

And sometimes, all your cat wants is a new box. 

Conduct a photo shoot

Let your cat channel their inner Vogue model– we all know it’s there already. Captured photos of your cat become representative of treasured memories. After the photo shoot, you can always choose to keep the photos to yourself, frame them, edit, or put them on anything ranging from pillows to mugs! The best websites for this are Shutterfly and Snapfish

Here’s how to get the best shots: 

  • Use your angles! Photographing from different angles will enhance the quality of your results, and lends to more creative and artistic photos. 
  • Don’t shy away from drama– in fact, seek out the drama in each photo you take. Play with different perspectives to capture your cat’s personality, from sweetness to sassiness, and everything in between. 
  • Shoot photos in semi-automatic mode– this will capture movement more precisely, and is ideal if you’re all about those action shots. 
  • Zoom in on the eyes! Cats’ eyes are one of their most stunning qualities– if you can capture the uniqueness of your cat’s eyes, you’ve won the cat photography prize. This is also one of the most dramatic shots you can get. 

Build a cat patio

Remember when we asked what cats love more than new toys? Aside from “alone time,” the answer is “being outdoors!” Cats are naturally drawn to the world outside your home, and sometimes this world is a dangerous place. If your cat isn’t equipped to handle the outdoors on his or her own (i.e. is declawed, has been raised indoors their whole life, etc.), then one of the best things for them is a cat patio! 

It’s easy to build your own cat patio (or “catio”)– there are many online guides for how to build your own. All you need is adequate space and the proper materials, all of which can be found here or here. Be sure to follow a guide if you have minimal experience building large enclosures. 

If you’re not quite as handy with tools, or don’t have time to build your own, you can also purchase one! The downside to this is that you can’t construct it yourself with the features or size you want. Although buying one won’t save you money, it will save you time. 

Treat your cat to a spa day

Cats need pampering too! Setting up a spa day for your cat looks a lot different than a human spa day, however. Be sure to heavily research whichever “spa day” methods you choose before proceeding to ensure your cat’s safety and well-being. 

Here are our favorite cat spa day activities:

  • Set up a scratching post station.
  • Trim your cat’s nails (be very careful with this one– and if you’ve never done it yourself before, consult a professional beforehand or take your kitty to the groomer). 
  • Brush your cat.
  • Bathe/wash your cat. This is entirely dependent on your cat’s personality– some cats love getting bathed, but most hate it! Since cats are self-cleaning animals, this is usually not necessary. 

Buy your cat a Lilly Brush 

Let’s be honest– buying a Lilly Brush is more of a treat for you than for your cat. Our brushes tackle pet hair like you’ve never seen before, and work for short-haired cats, long-haired cats, or anything in between! Here are our top picks: 

Mini Pet Hair Detailer: Perfect for short-haired cats! This brush works great on carpets and rugs and tackles deeply-embedded fur. 

Fluffy Pets Brush: Designed for the home, this brush works like magic for any long-haired cats, and tackles home furniture with ease! It also works on natural fiber clothing. 

Save Our Sweaters Brush: Perfect for all your styling needs. We know that pet hair (cat hair especially!) tends to end up on everything you own, and lint rollers don’t always get the job done! This brush works on all-natural fiber materials.