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6 Reasons to Adopt from a Shelter

Adopting a pet is a huge decision to make– and choosing where to adopt from is an even bigger one! There are a few different options when it comes to pet adoption, but the best choice by far is adopting from an animal shelter. Here’s why: 

1. You save a life 

 Many animals in shelters have been abandoned, lost, or given away, and are in need of a new home. Your love, support, and gentle care gives these animals a second chance at a wonderful life with a loving human! 

2. It’s more economic 

Adopting a pet from a shelter is significantly less costly to your wallet than adopting from a breeder. Purebred puppies and kittens are expensive, while the price you pay for a shelter animal goes towards covering shelter maintenance fees and upkeep. When adopting from a shelter, your money goes to a charitable cause. 

3. Adult animals need love too 

Adopting from a breeder typically means you’re getting a puppy or kitten– which, if you’re not ready for, is quite the handful! If you’re looking for a more laid-back animal with gentler energy than a small chaotic bundle, adult animals are the way to go. Adult animals also tend to be overlooked in adoption, because many new pet owners are enthralled by puppies and kittens. It’s important to remember that adult animals need love and care too, and that they’re just as fun, lovable, and special as baby animals. 

4. You support charity and community 

Shelters improve community by building a safe environment for lost and abandoned animals. They encourage adoption, fostering a deeper sense of community and inspiring people to help in whatever way they can. 

5. You inspire others to adopt from shelters 

Showing off your wonderful pet to your neighbors and friends will encourage them to adopt from shelters as well! When you tell them you adopted your pet from a shelter, it might inspire them to do the same. 

6. You contribute to breaking the cycle of cruelty and overbreeding 

Adopting from shelters supports shelters instead of breeding facilities like puppy mills, where puppies are bred only for profit and in poor conditions. Shelters support animal welfare and care, while building community and resilience. Shelters condemn cruelty and overbreeding, and by adopting from a shelter, you are taking action against cruelty and instead standing up for love and justice for animals.