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Celebrate National Rescue Dog Day on May 20th!

May 20th is an annual holiday known as National Rescue Dog Day! This holiday was first created by Lisa Wiehebrink (from Tails that Teach) as a way to bring awareness to the overwhelming number of homeless and rescue dogs in shelters and on the streets. It has continued as such a holiday over the past few years, and this year, we’ve cultivated a list of ways you can join in and participate with your local community! 

According to ASPCA, more than 3 million dogs are admitted to shelters each year. Together, we can lower that number and bring change to our communities. Below are five ways you can contribute to the well-being of rescue dogs in your community! 

What can you do? 

Celebrate Your Rescue Dog: If you already have rescue dogs, take a day to celebrate them! The best work you can do always starts in your own home, so celebrating your own dogs is a perfect way to start off celebrating National Rescue Dog Day. You can treat your dog to a new toy, a treat, or a fun day outside! Post about your dog online to spread awareness for National Rescue Dog Day and inspire others to become rescue dog parents as well. 

Adopt: Any pet you welcome into your home requires love, care, and attention. If you choose to adopt, take the time to get to know your dog so that you understand the best ways to care for and bond with him/her. Adoption offsets the shocking number of dogs without homes, and is the best way to give a dog a chance at a better life. Dogs need love, care, and attention, especially after transitioning from the shelter life to home life. Adopting a rescue dog isn’t only great for the dog, but it’s also great for you! Rescue dogs are known to be sweet and loving creatures, who often have just as much to teach us as we have to teach them. As wonderful and tempting as adoption is, please only adopt if you are able!

Foster: If you’re unable to adopt, but still have space for a pet in your home to care for, fostering is the next best thing! Fostering provides a temporary home for a rescue dog who needs a stable place to be cared for until they find their forever home. 

Volunteer at a Shelter: If you love dogs but are unable to take on the responsibility of adopting or fostering, a great alternative is to volunteer at a local shelter. Volunteering is a wonderful way to be involved in your local community and invest in the future of the many shelter and rescue dogs in your neighborhood. 

Donate: The best option for those who aren’t able to make the adoption commitment and are unable to volunteer at a shelter is donating! There are many options for donating– you can provide financial aid, or you can package together a bundle of things to donate! Check out our blog post about what to donate to local animal shelters for more ideas.