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Good News from Chicago Animal Care and Control Adoptable Pets

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about how we can help animal shelters during this crazy time in our lives. As it turns out, I wasn’t the only one thinking that! For the first time in their long history, Chicago Animal Care and Control Adoptable Pets (CACC) has reported on their Facebook page that they have “no dogs currently available for adoption…We have never typed those words before”. Hundreds of families have stepped up during this crazy time to either adopt, or foster, cats and dogs while shelters are forced to cut their staff and hours. With dozens of fosters currently on a waiting list, the amount of care for these animals in need is a heartwarming sight in such a gloomy era. 

City of Chicago Animal Care and Control

Not so fast

CACC has made it clear that their current status will quickly change, as dozens of homeless animals are brought to Chicago’s largest no-kill shelter every week. “We are amazed at the outpouring of people wanting to help” they claimed on their Facebook page, while maintaining the position that they will continue to rely on volunteer support throughout this entire quarantine process.

Luckily, shelters were deemed an essential business and are continuing to take care of the animals that are still without homes. Even still, they have had to drastically cut back their staff and their hours of operation. Having city wide support has made a large impact in the city of Chicago. We can only hope that more communities follow suit and continue to bring these homeless animals into their families.

Adopt now?

Even with the craziness in the world right now, this is a surprisingly good time to adopt a new pet. We know that not everyone is in a position to adopt a pet, and that is okay! Fostering is still an option, and even just donating a few dollars can go a very long way. Creating a close bond with your pet is a very important part of bringing them into your family. Shelter pets, even more so than others, can be wary of new people. They need time to adjust to their new family, as well as their new home.

Weirdly enough, right now is likely the most time any of us will be spending at home in a very long time. (We can only hope!) It’s quite frankly the perfect time to add a cat or dog to your family if you have the means to love and take care of one. If you were in the market for adopting a pet, consider looking into it soon to make the transition from shelter to home as easy for these animals as possible. You’ll never have this much time to train and bond with your animal again.

No Pressure

If you don’t feel like you are ready or capable of adopting a dog, then don’t! This isn’t meant to pressure anyone into thinking this is the right thing to do. Simply sharing an article or telling your friends about shelters can make a big difference. Spreading awareness is a major key in finding as many proper homes as possible for animals as shelters continue to do their very best with the limited resources they have right now. Hopefully stories like that of the CACC keep coming, it’s always great to see some good news scrolling across our timelines!


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