Lilly Brush

How does Lilly Brush stack up to the competition?


In an attempt to find the ultimate sweater pill removal tool, Stiletto Jungle  put the Evercare Fabric Shaver, Dritz D-Fuzz-it Fabric Comb, and Lilly Brush to the test! They came to this conclusion:

“In my opinion, the Lilly Brush is the best of the three. I just tried my first Lilly Brush and I was impressed with the fact that it is as safe and quick as a traditional sweater comb, but with the added benefit of leaving sweaters with a fluffy “brushed” appearance. I found it particularly nice for cashmere sweaters that had accumulated a layer of general fuzz from being worn, but had not quite formed pills that a shaver or comb would be able to efficiently remove. I’ll keep my sweater comb around, but the combination of a traditional comb and the Lilly Brush will completely replace my old fabric shaver.”

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