Lilly Brush

Simply Stated: Real Simple Magazine impressed by Lilly Brush



Kristin Appenbrink, Senior Editor at Real Simple Magazine reached out to us a few weeks ago after a  readers suggested Lilly Brush as a sweater saving solution to pills. We sent Kristin a few samples and she put Lilly Brush to the test. Once again, Lilly Brush impressed! Here is a highlight of what she had to say:

“I was pleasantly surprised at how well the brush worked on my black felt skirt that seems to be a magnet for all the lint in the world. What normally would take me 4 sheets on my adhesive lint roller was easy with the Lilly Brush and I could simply clean out the brush as necessary. It felt much less wasteful.”

 -Kristin Appenbrink -Senior Editor, Real Simple Magazine

We could not agree with Kristin more! Click here for Full Article