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National Pet Holidays to Celebrate in 2021

Start off the new year right by marking your calendar with holidays to celebrate with your pet! This comprehensive list of National Pet Holidays will have you and your pet partying hard all year long. Many of these holidays urge you to spend time appreciating your pet, while others inspire community action or aim to raise awareness. Whichever holidays you choose to celebrate, do so with gusto! 


National Train Your Dog Month 

Walk Your Dog Month 

Adopt a Rescued Bird Month 


Jan. 2 Happy “Mew” Year for Cats

Jan. 14 National Dress Up Your Pet Day 

Jan. 22 National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

Jan. 24 Change a Pet’s Life Day 


Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month 

National Pet Dental Health Month 

Dog Training Education Month 

National Cat Health Month 


Feb 2. National Hedgehog Day 

Feb. 3 Doggy Date Night 

Feb. 3 National Golden Retriever Day 

Feb. 14 Pet Theft Awareness Day 

Feb. 20 Love Your Pet Day 

Feb. 21-27 National Justice for Animals Week 

Feb. 22 Walking the Dog Day 

Feb. 23 National Dog Biscuit Day 


Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month 

Poison Prevention Awareness Month 


March 1 National Pig Day 

March 3 If Pets Had Thumbs Day 

March 7-13 Professional Pet Sitters Week 

March 13 K9 Veterans Day 

March 23 National Puppy Day 

March 23 Cuddly Kitten Day 

March 28 Respect Your Cat Day 

March 30 Take a Walk in the Park Day 


Pet First Aid Awareness Month 

Canine Fitness Month 

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month 


April 6 National Siamese Cat Day 

April 10 National Hug your Dog Day 

April 11 National Pet Day 

April 11 Celebrate Shelter Pets Day 

April 19 National Cat Lady Day 

April 23 National Lost Dog Awareness Day 

April 26 National Kids and Pets Day 

April 30 Adopt a Shelter Pet Day 


National Pet Month 

Responsible Animal Guardian Month 


May 2-8 National Pet Week 

May 8 National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day 

May 14 International Chihuahua Appreciation Day 

May 20 National Rescue Dog Day 


Adopt a Cat Month from the American Humane Association 

Adopt a Shelter Cat Month 

National Foster a Pet Month 


June 4 Hug Your Cat Day 

June 8 World Pet Memorial Day 

June 21 Take your Pet to Work Day 

June 24 Cat World Domination Day 


National Lost Pet Prevention Month 

National Pet Hydration Awareness Month 


July 1 ID Your Pet Day 

July 10 National Kitten Day 

July 11 All-American Pet Photo Day 

July 21 National Craft for Your Shelters Day 

July 26 National Pet Photography Day 

July 31 National Mutt Day 


National Wellness Month 


Aug. 1 DOGust Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs 

Aug. 5 Work Like A Dog Day 

Aug. 8 International Cat Day 

Aug. 10 Spoil your Dog Day 

Aug. 17 Black Cat Appreciation Day 

Aug. 21 National Homeless Animals’ Day 

Aug. 26 National Dog Day 


National Cat Month 

National Pet Insurance Month 


Sept. 1 Ginger Cat Appreciation 

Sept. 8 National Dog Walker Appreciation Day 

Sept. 12 National Pet Memorial Day 

Sept. 18 Puppy Mill Awareness Day 

Sept. 19-25 Deaf Dog Awareness Week 

Sept. 23 Remember Me Thursday 


American Humane’s Adopt-a-Dog Month 

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month 

National Animal Safety and Awareness Month 


Oct. 1-7 National Walk Your Dog Week 

Oct. 4 World Animal Day 

Oct. 13 National Pet Obesity Awareness Day 

Oct. 16 Global Cat Day 

Oct. 27 National Black Cat Day (UK) 

Oct. 29 National Cat Day 


Adopt a Senior Pet Month 

National Pet Awareness Month 

National Senior Pet Month 

National Pet Cancer Awareness Month 

Pet Diabetes Month 


Nov. 1 National Cook for your Pets Day 

Nov. 12 Fancy Rat and Mouse Day 

Nov. 7-13 National Animal Shelter and Rescue Appreciation Week 

Nov. 13 World Kindness Day 

Nov. 17 Take a Hike Day 

Nov. 25 National Dog Show (broadcast on Thanksgiving in the US) 


National Cat Lover’s Month 


Dec. 2 National Mutt Day 

Dec. 9 International Day of Veterinary Medicine 

Dec. 13 Day of the Horse 

Dec. 15 Cat Herders Day 

Dec. 17 Underdog Day 

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