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Preparing Your Sweater Collection for Fall and Winter

It’s that time of year– time to save your sweaters! 

The fall and winter months are perfect for cozying up in your favorite sweater, but when taking it out of storage, it might be a bit musty or dusty! To freshen it up and prepare it for the season, follow these steps below to achieve ultimate sweater satisfaction. 

Step 1: Give your sweaters a good wash 

After coming out of storage, your sweaters might have picked up some dust or gotten a bit crumpled. The first thing you can do to freshen your garment up is to give it a good wash! When washing sweaters, you should always wash on the “delicates” setting, or at least make sure that the temperature is set on a “cold” wash. 

Step 2: Don’t forget the air drying 

Since sweaters are delicate, machine drying is dangerous for the longevity of the material. Sweaters should be air dried if at all possible, to preserve the quality of the fibers. Machine drying also runs the risk of shrinking your sweater, whereas air drying doesn’t present the same issue. Air drying, instead, allows your sweater’s material to breathe, and not shrink. 

Step 3: Use the Save Our Sweaters brush 

With our soft-bristled Save Our Sweaters brush, there’s no need to use harsh materials like stone or lint rollers on your clothes. The SOS brush removes lint and pilling on sweaters made from 100% natural fibers. 

Step 4: Read our other sweater blog posts!

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